The Warlord helmet is our pinnacle of form and function. Whether your fighting, riding, or just looking to scare children, the warlord helmet has you covered. 

Each of our helms is hand crafted with a 12oz+ leather base and a full tanned horse tail stitched on top. 

If you would like the helm customized with designs, tooling, stamping, hair work, or a custom paint job, let us know by filling out our contact form before ordering as this may affect the cost.

Please allow up to three weeks for delivery. 

If you would like a custom hair color, put it in the details box to the side and we will do what we can. If we don't have it in stock we will let you know it will be a wait. Additional charges may apply for weird or very specific colors. Our suppliers charge different prices for things like white or blond hair. 

Warlord Helmet